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Learning Strategies



Politely request or allow for the student to:

  1. Be seated in close proximity to the teacher or instructor.
  2. Have a second set of books for working at home.
  3. Use graph paper or other tools like the Reading Focus Card while doing math.   These can help promote accurate placeholder work.
  4. Have the course and book content available via audiotape.
  5. Use a portable, hand-held spell checker (such as the Franklin Spelling Ace) for work with unknown words.
  6. Use interactive computer reading programs that require only a limited number of tasks at a time.
  7. Underline or highlight important key words in a set of directions BEFORE beginning an assignment or task.
  8. Fold a worksheet so that only a small amount of text or information is visible at one time.  Using tools such as the Reading Focus Card can help as well.
  9. Have the opportunity to move to optional work areas with less distraction.
  10. Experience a variety of sensory learning techniques such as those from the use of a computer, tape recorder, overhead projector, and manipulatives.
  11. Use word processors or computers to complete written work.
  12. Kneel or stand by his desk (if needed), as long as it does not cause problems or distractions for others.
  13. Have access to a copy of a peer’s notes, especially after a lecture.
  14. Use very low-volume music (instrumental) or environmental sounds (seashore or other nature sounds) while doing independent work.   At the same time, this can benefit other students as well; however, the individual student and/or teacher may prefer that headphones be used.
  15. Work cooperatively at times with other students as part of a "buddy" system of support.
  16. Using colored paper for all printed materials including worksheets, outlines, notes, etc. Experiment with pastel as well as bright shades. One particular color may produce the best results for a certain individual.

Learning Tools

We design reading and learning tools for persons of different ability levels, particularly in the areas of ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, some autism-spectrum disorders, and other conditions where focus is an issue.

Our Reading Focus Card is a reading and study tool that can benefit individuals challenged with tracking and focusing. The Reading Focus Card supports differentiated instruction. Its use can be demonstrated as part of a professional development workshop.


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