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Reading Focus Card - Product Reviews!

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Late winter 1997 Created a reading card from a 3x 5 index card while instructing a student challenged with ADD.   She was not able to focus and had forgotten to take her medication that morning.   The tool helped her immediately so that she could read an entire page of text with good comprehension.   This became the first, rough prototype of the Reading Focus Card.

Began to develop an improved prototype of the focus card.   Used an old, vinyl placemat to create a more advanced model.

Summer 1998 Further developed the focus card.   Hole is added to anchor on a loose-leaf binder ring to prevent loss.
August 2002 Enlisted the help of an invention assistance company.   A non-disclosure agreement was completed and sent.   When fees became prohibitive, discontinued working with the company.
October 2003 Began attending meetings of the Illinois Innovators and Inventors group (Edwardsville, IL) to discuss ongoing progress of the focus card.   Non-disclosure statements were signed by all in attendance prior to each meeting.
December 2005 Further improvements were made to the focus card to enhance its ease of tracking and overall use.
February 2006 Met with attorney.   Patent search conducted for the Reading Focus Card
December 2006 Patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
May 2007 Focus study conducted at St. Simon School in St. Louis, Missouri. Results of Focus Study
August 2007 Retail sales of the Reading Focus Card begin earlier than expected as a result of parent requests.

What can the Reading Focus Card do for you? Learn more...

Learning Tools

We design reading and learning tools for persons of different ability levels, particularly in the areas of ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, some autism-spectrum disorders, and other conditions where focus is an issue.

Our Reading Focus Card is a reading and study tool that can benefit individuals challenged with tracking and focusing. The Reading Focus Card supports differentiated instruction. Its use can be demonstrated as part of a professional development workshop.


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