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Reading Focus Card - Product Reviews!

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The Reading Focus Card, invented by a middle school teacher, promotes reading from left to right, isolates a line of text, and helps individuals focus in order to increase concentration and reading comprehension.   It also can be helpful when working with math problems, particularly in column addition and long division.

For studying, the colored filters can provide soothing comfort or emphasis for readers’ eyes.   Both children and adults can successfully use the Reading Focus Card.

The tool has recently been used on a limited basis in the St. Simon Resource Center in St. Louis with children challenged by ADD and ADHD (diagnosed).   The school’s special education teacher was quite impressed with the immediate results achieved for the few students who used it.

The Reading Focus Card is best utilized with regular-sized, paperback books and/or large volumes having two columns of printed text on a page (as with social studies, some science, and other content books.)   In addition, a new, wider version of the Reading Focus Card will be available in 2009.

The tool itself is non-invasive, which of course, is of great benefit to the user.   It is not necessarily a replacement for Ritalin, Adderall, or the like, but it may be used together with these types of medications for better results when reading and focusing work is required.

The tool’s inventor has used it successfully with students, especially those who sometimes "forgot" their medication before coming to school.

In fact, that is how the Reading Focus Card came to be.   It may not work with all students, but very little is lost when the reading tool costs only $7.95 each.

Because those with attention deficiencies often have issues with organization, loss of possessions, etc., this tool has a hole in one corner for an individual to place onto a loose-leaf binder ring to prevent loss.   The Reading Focus Card can also be placed in any text as a bookmark when not in use. Of course, repurchase is not prohibitive because of the tool’s reasonable price.

If interested in a demonstration and/or the purchase of one or more Reading Focus Cards, please contact:

Brennan Innovators, LLC
Phone: (314) 892-3897

Learning Tools

We design reading and learning tools for persons of different ability levels, particularly in the areas of ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, some autism-spectrum disorders, and other conditions where focus is an issue.

Our Reading Focus Card is a reading and study tool that can benefit individuals challenged with tracking and focusing. The Reading Focus Card supports differentiated instruction. Its use can be demonstrated as part of a professional development workshop.


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